Collaboration Platform


  • Collaboration Group: INSIDE Partners
Collaboration CodeCoordinator Type
WP1 Preparation: State of the Art (WP1)JKU - Johannes Kepler University, Austria
WP2 Development: Adapted educational material (WP2)UoM - University of Macedonia, Greece
WP3 Development: Distance Education (DE) Delivery System (WP3)UoA - University of Athens, Greece
WP4 Development: Training (WP4)JKU - Johannes Kepler University, Austria
WP5 Development: DE Pilot courses (WP5)UoM - University of Macedonia, Greece
WP6 Quality Plan: Quality Assurance - JKU (WP6)JKU - Johannes Kepler University, Austria
WP7 Dissemination and Exploitation - UoA (WP7)UoA - University of Athens, Greece
WP8 Management (WP8)UoM - University of Macedonia, Greece